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What does FAQ stand for?
Frequently Asked Questions

How did you do the books?
Sorry, trade secret. Fishing line and staples. It is an often asked question, so I drew a diagram. Click here.

How did you do the clothes?
Hangers and a lot of fishing line. Check out the picture on the right of this page. The camera flash lit up the fishing line so you can see it well.

Did you major in engineering?
No, I majored in Politics. In my four years, I took classes in sixteen different departments, but Brandeis did not offer any engineering courses.

How does studying Politics qualify you to flip a room?
It doesn't, but I hoped it somehow qualified me to talk my way out of the mess that might be created if anything had gone wrong with the prank.

Did you get charged a lot of money for the damage caused?
No lasting damage was caused. The holes that we made were patched.

Where did the name relliM come from?
relliM is the last name spelled backwards of the prankee, Aaron Miller.

What materials did you use?
You probably want to check out the "more" section.

Why did you use galvanized screws?
Galvanized is what we had. Galvanization makes a screw more resilient to corrosion.

Were you seriously worried about the screws corroding in the span of one week, indoors?


Do you go to Harvard?
No, Operation relliM was conceived and executed entirely by Brandeis University students.

Why do people on message boards assume this happened at Harvard?
I don’t know.

Why didn’t you go to Harvard?

After studying the load-bearing capabilities of the Harvard dorms, I decided Brandeis was a better fit for me.

Why was Aaron wearing a suit? Is he some kind of nerd?
Yes, he is a kind of nerd although that is not why he was wearing the suit. He was wearing the suit because he had just returned from a graduate school interview.

How did he do in the interview?

Why is there an ice cream cup in some pictures?
Aaron likes ice cream and was eating it as he opened his room door.

Considering his room was broken into and all his worldly possessions had been hung from the ceiling, why does Aaron have a smile on his face?
Because Aaron is the best roommate ever.

Where did Aaron sleep that night?

Luckily, his fiancé lived in the same building (and put him on a cot).

Did they ever get married?
Yes, after graduation in June 2006.

Was their wedding awesome?
Yes it was.

I think I saw the mug shot of you in the post office, what are the names of the people in the video?
Cast of characters can be found here.

Why not?

What happened to the old, crappy Operation relliM website?
Gone because it was crappy.

How many different countries have the people who visited your site been from?

Believe it or not, and you should, 158.

Do you have a map illustrating this graphically?
Yes. Click here.

How many countries left to go?
The United Nations has 192 members (sorry Greenland). 192 - 158 = 34.

Why did you apologize to Greenland?
Greenland is a self-governed Danish territory, so according to the U.N. list, it is not a country. This is one of many problems with using the U.N. list. Every list, however, has its problems. For example, the U.S. State Department contends that Taiwan is not a country.

Why is your website called “lightsideup”?
That is a fair question.

The prank began when Aaron left for spring break, play the video to see how the prank ended.  (cc) Some rights reserved.   Alex Asen.  2006-2007.