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Bring the Magic to Life with These Christmas Party Games!

Welcome to the most festive season of the year! Christmas isn’t just about gifts and decorations—it’s also about creating unforgettable memories with loved ones. What better way to enhance the holiday spirit than by playing some exciting drinking Christmas party games? Whether you’re aiming to relive the classics or try something new, these games will add a dash of fun and laughter to your celebrations. Gather your family and friends, prepare your favorite drinks, and get ready for a night filled with joy, friendly competition, and a whole lot of holiday cheer! Compete to be the last one standing or face the fun consequences of drinking too much. Remember to always drink moderately and responsibly!

fun christmas party games
  • Beer Pong: Channel your favorite basketball player and get ready for some buzzer-beater shots. Set up cups in a pyramid shape at each end of a table, filling them about ⅓ with beer. Form two teams and take turns trying to throw a ping-pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. The team that lands the most shots wins, and the losing team drinks.
  • Santa’s Cup: A Christmas take on King’s Cup. You’ll need a deck of cards and a large cup. Place the cards around the cup, and each player takes turns drawing a card, each corresponding to a challenge. Make your rules festive to match the Christmas spirit!
  • Flip Cup: Two teams line up on opposite sides of a table. Each player has a cup on the edge. The first player must flip their cup successfully before the next player can chug their drink, flip it again, and so on. The first team to finish wins.
  • Buzz: Sit in a circle and start counting out loud. For every number that includes 7 or is a multiple of 7, say “buzz” instead. If you get it wrong, take a drink.
  • Christmas Song Drinking Game: Pick a Christmas song and take turns singing a line. Whoever messes up the lyrics takes a shot.
  • Straight Face: One player tries to keep a straight face while another writes something funny on a piece of paper to make them laugh. If they crack a smile or laugh, they take a drink.
  • Never Have I Ever: A classic game with a Christmas twist. Share something you’ve never done on Christmas. Anyone who has done it takes a sip. Example: “Never have I ever switched name tags on gifts.”
  • Most Likely: Ask “most likely” questions, such as “Who is most likely to come home drunk this Christmas?” Everyone points to who they think fits that description on the count of three. The person with the most points drinks.
  • Truth or Drink: Time to get answers to those burning questions you’ve had for your friends. They can choose to tell the truth or take a drink.
  • Drink Until You Grinch: Take turns sharing things you dislike about Christmas. If you run out of ideas, take a drink. The last person with a drink left wins. for funny jokes, one-liners, puns, humor content and beer games
  • Christmas Movie Drinking Game: Pick a Christmas movie and a common word, like “Santa.” Every time the word is mentioned in the movie, everyone drinks.
  • Santa’s Hat: Place a Santa hat on the edge of your TV. Watch a Christmas movie, and whenever a character appears to be “wearing” the hat, everyone takes a drink.
  • Medusa: Form a circle and look down. On the count of three, look up and stare at someone. If you’re making eye contact with someone directly beside you, take a drink.
  • Drunk Jenga: Play Jenga with a twist. If the tower collapses or you struggle to remove a piece, take a drink!
  • Drink While You Think: Pick a category (e.g., sports). The first person says a word in that category (e.g., “soccer”). The next player says a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Anyone who hesitates or fails to think of a word takes a drink.
fun christmas party games

These Christmas party games are a perfect way to bond with family and friends, making your holiday season even more enjoyable. Remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in the moments we share and the joy we spread. Always drink moderately and responsibly, ensuring that everyone gets home safely to continue making more cherished memories. Cheers to a wonderful Christmas and the merriest of holidays!

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